STEP Registration

STEP (Students Transitioning into Employment and Post Secondary Program) Registration

  • Please read the following information carefully before proceeding to the form.

    STEP is a provincial program that enables high school students, who self-identify with Autism Spectrum Disorder, to participate in targeted career development activities and exploration all while earning their mandatory Career Education hours though volunteering and community involvement. With an individualized approach, students build self-awareness and skills through structured learning sessions, community volunteer opportunities and tours with the ultimate goal of identifying appropriate employment or post-secondary choices upon school leaving. Virtual offerings available for those living in rural areas. Please note, while we will do our very best to accommodate all students we do have limited spaces available.
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    *an additional form will be completed upon registration
  • Sensory Sensitivities

  • Attendance

    • Any absences from scheduled programming should be communicated with staff as early as possible.

    • Three consecutive absences without prior notification may result in an withdrawal from the program (with an opportunity to re-register the following semester)..


  • Drop-off and Pick-up

    • Participants in programming will be in session during the designated times only (i.e. 1:00 – 2:00 PM).

    • If a caregiver is unable to pick up the participant, alternative arrangements are to be made and staff advised accordingly.

    • Repeated late pick-ups will result in a meeting and subsequent late pick-ups will be addressed appropriately at the discretion of the Chief Executive Officer.

    • There are no supervised waiting areas available for participants to stay before or after the designated program time.
  • Safety Concerns

    • In the event that a participant runs from the designated program space it is understood that staff will contact the designated caregiver immediately. It is the caregiver’s responsibility to ensure that the contact information ASNL has on file is current and s/he is reachable.

    • Where possible and ensuring that it does not jeopardize the safety of other program participants, staff will follow the participant in an effort to ensure their safety. If staff determines the potential of an immediate threat of harm/injury they will call 911 and request the assistance of authorities.

    • Staff may request a caregiver remain onsite during programming if the participant has emerging safety concerns, such as running from programming areas. While onsite it is the responsibility of the caregiver to follow their participant should they leave the program space (either onsite or off-site).

    • Staff carry contact information for participants and their caregiver(s) with them for all off-site activities in case of an emergency.

    • Staff are certified in Non-Violent Crisis Intervention® (CPI) and may use this training if there is an immediate threat of harm/injury.

    • Staff are certified in Emergency First Aid/CPR C/AED and will perform First Aid (i.e.: apply a band aid, provide ice, etc.) if needed. In the event of an injury during programming parents/caregivers will be notified.
    Consent to share information will allow the coordination of quality, individualized programs for each participant. Information sharing will be limited to: • Individualized strategies and goals to support transitioning from high school; • Individualized strategies and routines to help with behavior/regulation; • Information shared at ISSP/IEP meetings.
  • Designated Caregivers

    • For the protection of all program participants, please provide the names and phone numbers of individuals who would normally bring participants to and from programming.

    • If someone in addition to this list (unknown to staff) is picking up the participant the caregiver must notify staff ahead of time. Participants will not be released to an unfamiliar caregiver.

    • If a caregiver has sole custody of the participant, or if there are changes to a custody agreement, it is the responsibility of the caregiver to notify program staff of these changes.

    • Staff have the right to check identification of anyone picking up a participant from programming.
  • Internal Information Sharing

    Program staff recognize that ongoing information sharing can enhance program experience and overall support/service to families and individuals. Specifically, consent to information share will allow the coordination of quality, individualized programs for each participant. Information shared among program staff may include, but is not limited to:

    • medication changes

    • specific challenges at school or in the home

    • individualized strategies and routines to help with transitioning

    • individualized strategies and routines to help with anxiety reduction and engagement in programs

    • information shared at ISSP/IEP meetings
    I hereby grant permission to Autism Society, Newfoundland Labrador (ASNL), and its representatives, to photograph and videotape my son/daughter, and otherwise capture their image. I further grant ASNL and its representatives the right to reproduce, use, exhibit, display, broadcast and distribute these images and recordings in any media now known or later developed for promoting, publicizing or explaining ASNL and its activities including their website. Such photographs are the property of ASNL and may be altered or combined with other images, text, and graphics without notifying me.
    Throughout each semester many programs take part in off-site field trips. How often groups take part in field trips and where the group visits depend entirely on the groups interest. Please note:

    •Information regarding the location, time and cost (if applicable) will be sent to each family via email one week prior to the field trip.

    •Parents/caregivers are welcome to take part in fieldtrips.

    •Staff carry contact information for participants and their parent/caregiver(s) with them for all off-site activities in case of an emergency.

    • Participants will always meet the program staff at the decided upon location; staff never transport participants in their personal vehicles.

  • Thank you for your interest in the STEP Program. One of our provincial Coordinators will be in contact to arrange a meeting (in-person or though video call) to discuss the program, expectations and goals. If you have any questions please email