Supporting Students with ASD

NLTA Bulletin Articles 
Since 2014, the NLTA’s publication The Bulletin has included a regular feature Autism in the Classroom: Supporting Students with ASD. Authored by Kendra Lane, these articles provide practical ideas and strategies to support students of varying ages and abilities in the classroom environment. Below is a list of publications to date.

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Ask the Person! September 2016 page 28

Anxiety and ASD May/June 2016 page 24

Resources for Professionals May/June 2015 page 26

Field Trips and Specialized Activities March/April 2015 page 26

Social Barriers and Teaching Coping Strategies January/February 2015 page 28

Building on Strengths and Independence November/December 2014 page 24

Setting Up for Success September/October 2014 page 24  

The Stress of Transitions and Motivation for Behaviour May/June 2014 page 22

Using the Characteristics of Autism to Create Supports March/April 2014 page 26