Adult Support Group

This is a meeting group for independent adults with ASD, providing the opportunity to meet new people, socialize with peers, and discuss challenges and successes with others on the spectrum. Groups meet at the Elaine Dobbin Centre as well as at various community locations. Ages 21+; suitable for adults with ASD or Aspergers Syndrome who are living and/or accessing services independently; no registration required.

Parent Support Groups

The Parent 2 Parent is a parent engagement initiative designed to connect parents and create an active network of families. This group is open to parents/caregivers of individuals with ASD and is designed to provide support, resources and shared experiences between families. No registration required.

Barbara J. Hopkins Library

The Barbara J. Hopkins Library offers a wide variety of resources related to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Extensive literature is available including curriculum, behaviour strategies, research, diet, sensory processing, and co-occurring diagnoses, including materials published by authors with ASD. The collection also includes many children’s books and videos about having autism, or having a family member or friend with autism. In addition to borrowing print materials, the library offers DVD collections, games, and special equipment related to sensory or learning needs, as well as technological devices for trial and learning purposes. Although the library is housed at the Elaine Dobbin Centre for Autism in St. John’s, materials can be accessed 24 hours a day across the province via the library’s online catalogue and mailing service.

Assistive Technology Consultation

These consultations can provide individualized instruction in the use of handheld devices to assist clients and families with communication, organization and socialization. Members can sign out technology on a trial basis as well as receive personalized assistance in using devices and/or software.

Classroom Awareness Presentations

ASNL staff provides fun and meaningful classroom or community group presentations about what it means for someone to have ASD and how that diagnosis can impact them as a student and as a friend. Designed according to grade level, these engaging presentations use age-appropriate stories, videos, games, and discussions to educate students and create understanding and empathy among peers.

Professional Development & Training

Trained ASNL staff can support other professionals working with individuals on the spectrum through tailored sessions designed to meet the needs of a particular group. Sessions can cover general information about ASD as a diagnosis and effective strategies to support individuals of all ages and abilities. Contact info@autism.nf.net to discuss potential training opportunities.

Conferences & Workshops

ASNL offers several opportunities for professionals, families, and those with an interest in ASD to further their education and training through workshops and/or conferences presented by ASD professionals. Each year ASNL hosts a professional development opportunity designed primarily for educators which is presented by renowned leaders in the field of autism. In addition to the annual conference, ASNL hosts a variety of presentations and workshops offered throughout the year by local professionals concerning such topics as: financial/estate planning, naturopathic resources, diet and nutrition, post-secondary information, inclusive hiring and workplace practices, new and upcoming research, assistive technology, panel discussions, and advocacy training.