Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy (OT) addresses a combination of cognitive, physical and motor skills. Therapists assist individuals in gaining age-appropriate independence and participating more fully in life. For a person on the autism spectrum, this may include appropriate play or leisure, learning, and self-care skills.

To begin, a certified occupational therapist evaluates a person’s developmental level as well as related learning styles, social abilities, and environmental needs. Based on this evaluation, the therapist determines goals and selects strategies and tactics for enhancing key skills. For example, goals may include independent dressing, feeding, grooming and use of the toilet, along with improved social, fine motor and visual perceptual skills.

Janeway – St. John’s Inpatients

Occupational therapy is offered as a component of several interdisciplinary that include

  • Child Development Team:  709-777-4957
  • Learning and Behavior Team:  709-777-4957

Referrals require interdisciplinary team involvement and can be made by physician, community health nurse or family.

Janeway Outreach –Gander, Grandfalls, Cornerbrook 

Eastern Health has occupational therapy staff outreach clinic across the province.  Referrals to services can be initiated by family doctor, other health care professional, school or child/family.

  • Gander: 709-651-6252
  • Grandfalls: 709-489-8183
  • Cornerbrook: 709-637-5191

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