Outreach involves the coordination of a variety of services and resources. Outreach offers autism awareness and educational information sessions and assistance to members of the community, schools, organizations, employers and various professionals. Meeting the educational needs of our community may involve overseeing conferences & workshops by specialists in the field of autism.

ASNL also offers opportunities for families, parents, siblings and caregivers to meet monthly in the Parent 2 Parent Network. ASNL is committed to providing opportunities for families to engage with additional family supports. Outreach also includes the planning, development, and liaising between other organizations within the community that share similar goals.

Outreach coordinates resources such as the Barbara J. Hopkins Library and Targa Technology centres. Each region holds and maintains their own library collections; however any resources from the Barbara J. Hopkins Library can be made available to any member of ASNL across Newfoundland & Labrador. Our library holds a variety of resources: books, magazines, curriculum resources, occupational therapy materials, and the Targa Technology Centre. The Targa Technology Centre developed out of the partnership with Targa Newfoundland. Targa Technology Centres holds a variety of Assistive Technologies and Augmentative Communication devices. Targa Technology Centres also provide 1:1, group and/or webinar instruction of using the adaptive devices. Each Apple device processes an assortment of applications to enrich education, leisure, self-regulation, time-management, and communication.

The volunteer initiative supports and promotes the use of volunteers in several facets in the daily operation of the centre. ASNL utilizes its volunteer supports through events, fundraising, family based activities, administrative duties, and programming. The engagement of volunteers with programming enhances the delivery of programming supports to individuals as well as support for staff. If interested in volunteering with ASNL please contact the outreach coordinator or regional coordinator.

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  • Barbara J. Hopkins Library & Targa Technology Centre
  • Conference & Workshop Coordination and Development
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