Online Course: ASD and Behavioral Interventions: An Introduction for School Personnel.

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As part of an interprovincial collaboration, the Council of Atlantic Deputy Ministers of Education and Training is pleased to offer an on-line training program for school personnel to provide consistency in training, build
capacity across all four provinces, and allow education systems to be more responsive to emerging research and needs around autism.

ASD and Behavioural Interventions: An Introduction for School Personnel is designed for all educational personnel including teachers, school administration, educational assistants, speech-language pathologists, and school psychologists, etc. The training includes 40 hours of self-paced instruction with suggested benchmarks for completion of modules,and a quiz at the end of each module to ensure mastery of critical concepts.

Further information regarding registration will be provided through your school district.
For further information about the training program, please contact Paulette Jackman; Department of Education and
Early Childhood Development; (709) 729-5431;

Features of the training include:

• interactive activities and opportunities for self-assessment
• school-based video examples (elementary, middle, and high)
• ethical considerations in supporting students with ASD
• strategies for fostering positive home-school relationships
• a new tool, Setting Priorities for Intervention: A Planning Tool for Learners with ASD will be presented to help set meaningful goals for students based on strengths and needs
• audible content – listen to course screens or download them as MP3 files
• Learning Guides (note-making tools) that highlight key concepts which you can use for future reference

Module 1: Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorder
Module 2: Impact of ASD on Learning
Module 3: Evidence-Based Practice
Module 4: Identifying Learner Needs
Module 5: Leaning and Behaviour
Module 6: Behavioural Teaching Approaches
Module 7: Structuring the Classroom Environment
Module 8: Communication Skills
Module 9: Managing Challenging Behaviour
Module 10: Social Skills

While the course if self-paced, benchmarks will be provided. At the end of each module, you will complete a quiz to ensure mastery of the material. Individuals who successfully complete the training program will receive a Certificate of Completion.