New Position Statement Booklet

You can read the full document by clicking here

Today, Autism Society, Newfoundland & Labrador (ASNL), released the third volume of its Position Statement Booklet, titled Issues That Matter. It details the organization’s advocacy priorities for improving the lives of those affected by autism, and their families.

In October 2018, ASNL surveyed families, adults with autism, and professionals about the issues that matter most to them. This booklet is a summary of the feedback that was received.

The booklet is divided into four sections. Each section provides ASNL’s position on priority issues and gives recommendations for service improvement.

  • Lifelong: Removal of IQ70; Continuity of Care; Access to Mental Health Services
  • Preschool: Timely Assessment and Diagnosis; 18-Month Screening; Timely Referral and Early Identification; Access to Therapeutic Services & Interventions; Improvements to the Early Intervention Program
  • School-Age: Transitioning into School, Between Grades and/or Schools, and Out of School; Public School Supports; Professional Development for Educators and Support Staff
  • Adult: Employment Equity; Post-Secondary Education Supports; Residential Options