Autism Awareness Month Theme

What is Autism Awareness Month?

Throughout Canada, October marks Autism Awareness Month, a time to celebrate difference, and reflect on the importance of awareness, acceptance and understanding in all aspects of community.

Our 2017 Theme

This year, we want to highlight the importance of recognizing Autism Spectrum Disorder as a lifelong diagnosis. It is so important that we continue to learn from  adults on the spectrum and provide the services and supports they require to reach their full potential. This theme stems from findings in a 2015 Needs Assessment Report in which Health Service providers surveyed noted that individuals 18 years and older have the greatest difficulties accessing services. While caregivers of individuals with ASD indicated that challenges associated with caring for an individual on the spectrum become increasingly difficult as children transition into adulthood, when there is a dramatic drop in available services and supports.

Follow us on Twitter @AutismSocietyNL and Facebook @AutismSocietyNL for information related to this theme throughout the month! Topics include:

  • Mental Health: Understanding Co-occurring Diagnosis
  • Residential Supports: The Needs-Based Lens
  • Employment: Tips for Coworkers, Tips for Recruiting Employers
  • Health Services: Leaving the Pediatric Health System, What’s Next

We will have more information posted soon about an online Question & Answer session with adults on the spectrum as well as an in person panel discussion.