ASNL Video Series

Produced by Nine Island Productions

ASNL contracted Nine Island Productions to help create and produce a series of short videos about the ASNL to use as promotional and informative materials.  You can watch all of our videos below!

“ASNL In Depth”

“ASNL In Depth” explores the work of the ASNL in detail province wide. Featuring program participants, volunteers, and staff members.


“Together” is a short PSA style inspirational video featuring facts about autism and the work of the ASNL.

“Mark’s Story”

“Mark’s Story” features Mark, one of our Supported Employment Program participants. Mark (and others) recently had the opportunity, through SEP and the Department of Education, to gain some amazing training opportunities and work force skills.

ASNL PSA Video #1

ASNL PSA Video #2