Inside Out for Autism is Back!!

What if changing your shirt around could change someone’s view of autism? Being misunderstood is a barrier to people on the spectrum reaching their full potential. For many people on the autism spectrum, sensory sensitivities can be barriers to employment, school participation and community involvement; simply because people don’t understand the impact these sensitivities can have on daily life. On April 13th turn your shirt Inside Out for Autism to show your understanding. Funds raised  for every shirt turned inside out supports awareness, understanding and acceptance. Inside Out for Autism is in partnership with Autism Canada, an organization dedicated to advocating for and supporting Canadians with Autism and their families you can see their website here.

School Participation

First, get people to join you in turning their shirts inside out!

Second, wear your shirt inside for the day

ThirdYour school can register a team online here bring a donation that day, combine it with your classmates. You can also mail it or drop it to one of our four locations.

Workplace Participation

First, get people to join you in turning their shirts inside out!

Second, wear your shirt inside out for the day

ThirdYou can make a team online here You can set a fundraising goal with your co-workers, donating online or sending it to one of our four locations.

Autism and Sensory Sensitivities

People with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can be oversensitive or undersensitive to noise, light, clothing or temperature. Their senses – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste – take in either too much or too little information from the environment around them. These sensory differences can affect behaviour and can have a profound effect on a person’s life.

Sometimes a person with autism may behave in a way that you wouldn’t immediately link to sensory sensitivities. A person who struggles to deal with everyday sensory information can experience sensory overload, or information overload. Too much information can cause stress, anxiety, and possibly physical pain. This can result in withdrawal, challenging behaviours or meltdown. How this looks is different for each and every person on the spectrum! Often, small changes to the environment can make a helpful difference.

Frequently Ask Questions About Inside Out for Autism

We usually wear blue shirts for World Autism Awareness Day. Why the change?

If you love wearing blue for World Autism Awareness Day- keep it up! Any awareness and show of support for those on the spectrum is awesome! But, maybe this year you could turn your blue shirt Inside Out!! Inside Out is a little different than wearing blue because it’s trying to educate people about a specific    aspect of autism! We also love it because anyone can take part! You don’t have to buy anything new to take part, simply turn your shirt inside out!

What does turning my shirt inside out have to do with autism?

People with Autism Spectrum Disorder experience the world around them differently. For many, this can mean that the way they see, hear, smell or feel their environment can be really overwhelming. The idea for Inside Out comes from kids with sensory sensitivities who can’t stand the feeling of a shirt tag on their neck. We do it to show our understanding and support of what those with autism may feel from day to day!

I thought World Autism Awareness Day was on April 02- why is this happening on April 13th?

This year is a tricky one with Easter Holiday falling during the week of World Autism Awareness Day, so we thought to get the most people taking part having it the Friday after Easter would be best!

We already have something planned for Friday, April 13th– can we turn our shirts Inside Out       another day?

Of course! The more schools that take part, the better. Whatever works for you works for us!

Where does the money go?

All money raised supports Autism Society NL in our outreach and advocacy efforts across Newfoundland and Labrador and contributes to advocacy Nationally!

Where do I send my fundraised money?

You can make a team online here

We have four offices across the province, choose the one in your Region to support autism awareness and acceptance close to home!

Avalon:70 Clinch Crescent, St. John’s, NL A1B 4G8

Eastern: 105 Manitoba Dr, Clarenville, NL A5A 1K2

South-Central: 7 High St, Grand Falls-Windsor, NL A2A 1C3

Western/Labrador: 40 Main St, Corner Brook, NL A2H 1C3