ASNL Gala Design – Request for Proposals

The ASNL hosts its annual Spring Gala every year in April/May. This is the largest fundraiser for the organization and for the past two years has grossed over $200,000.00. The last two years have been a shift from previous Gala…

Needs Assessment 2014 Progress Report

Good Day. MUN’s research team has been conducting personal interviews with a number of families and/or individuals who registered to participate in the Needs Assessment. It is ongoing and will most likely continue into late October. The “online survey” will…

ASNL Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 10, September 18 2014

September 18, 2014 – Volume 1, Issue 10 This Edition: Board’s Quarterly Report October Autism Challenge Notice of AGM 2014 Please Click here to read this issue. Or, you can click here to view the Newsletter Archive

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